April 13, 2017 – Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Flaming Gorge was a disappointment!  The Flaming Gorge Dam Visitor Center was still closed for the winter,  2 days too early,  Red Canyon Visitor Center was still closed,  I couldn’t find the Red Canyon Overlook (which was what I really wanted to see), and the Sheep Creek Geological Loop drive was closed due to snow. 

Basically the whole trip up to this area was a bust. 

All I got was Sheep Creek Overlook:

And great scenery at the camp last night:


April 15, 2017 – Home again

I just really missed the comforts of home so yesterday I tacked on 2 more hours of driving and today about 10+ hours so that I could get home to my shower,  laundry,  and internet tv! So glad to be home.   Time to clean out the van,  upgrade, and reorganize some stuff and head back out! 

April 14, 2017 -Shoshone Falls

Today marks the last of the sightseeing days, as I half Rambo it home to a shower and internet tv!  Is been a wet night and morning with the hail starting just as I arrived at the falls. 

Stopping here for lunch hoping to wait out the precipitation so I can enjoy the falls a little more. 

April 12, 2017 – Dinosaur NM

Was misinformed by Google and thought the Dinosaur NM Quarry and visitor center opened at 8am, but in reality they opened at 9am, so I had to kill about am hour and 20 min so I decided to drive around the park before heading back to the visitor center and quarry building. 

River Walk Hike:

Quarry wall:

Fremont People petroglyph:

Green River View from campground:

Heading to the Flaming Gorge next. 

April 11 , 2017 – Driving Day

Nothing too eventful today.  Drove the 3-4 hours to Dinosaur, CO so I could get an early start tomorrow morning at Dinosaur National Monument.   Made it a stop merely on the name.   No idea what I’ll see tomorrow. 

I did make a long pit stop at the Grand Junction visitor center to try to use their internet so I could square away my next vacation: a cruise for my mom’s birthday in May.  I’ve been trying to plan it with her and she’s been hard to commit,  so I finally got the job done today and it’s booked! 

I guess I didn’t cover that last night while trying to find a camp spot,  I got the van a little stuck.   I eventually managed to get it out by forward an inch or two,  backward an inch or two, repeat,  repeat, repeat.   I was going down a BLM dirt road with deep (6-9 inch) tracks dug out. I hit a spot where the road was one big huge puddle and I didn’t want to risk getting stuck in the mud, not knowing how deep the puddle was so I had to try to reverse my way out (no room for turn about) and I got stuck in the tracks.   The tracks were too deep to ride over them cause my clearance wasn’t high enough.  But once I fell into the tracks I couldn’t drive my way out since the sides were too tall.   It’s much harder to reverse out since the backup cam doesn’t do much for depth perception. I guess it’ll be another experience for the van….never happened in the Subie!

April 9, 2017

Today I sought out some hiking trails near Durango and Silverton, CO and spent the day hiking. I also spent a lot of time thinking about my life,  the direction I want it to go when I get back,  and also about heading home sooner than anticipated.   Colorado is beautiful and I’d like to see more,  but a huge part of me is homesick? 

April 10, 2017 – Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP

I should have done a little more research into the weather before deciding to camp last night!   I stayed right outside Silverton, CO where the forecasted low was 0°F.  When I discovered that,  I started prepping.  I pulled out the 3rd sleeping bag and layered it with the other 2.  I also pulled out some warmer jammies, a heating pad for myself and for Weeze, and my propane travel heater (lent to me by my brother).  I lucked out,  I really don’t think the temperatures dropped to 0 after all,  but at least 12°F, making it my new record (previous being 19°F for car camping. )  I used the heating pad for Weeze,  but didn’t end up needing one for myself or the propane heater.   I actually woke up around midnight and had to take a sleeping bag layer off!

Today,  I saw Black Canyon of the Gunnison!  I have to say that “saw” was a term used loosely due to my fear of heights.   Part of the allure of the views was comprehending the height of the canyons,  but in order to do that,  you have to look down at the edges, which is something I did not do! 

Beautiful camp spot last night:

Gorge views:

Painted wall: